View Grades

Using the menu bar on the left side of the Student Profile (home page), click on:

  • View Grades

View Grades

If you have a financial hold, you will not be able to View Grades.

You will be prompted to enter the Term you wish to view. Click the drop down on the Term field and select a Term. Your curriculum details will be displayed.

If you click the "View Details" link, a popup window will be displayed with curriculum details.

Then select a Course Level for the grade display:

  • All Course Levels (both Graduate and Undergraduate, if applicable)
  • Graduate (Graduate level grades, if applicable)
  • Undergraduate (Undergraduate grades)

Your Course Work and Grades will be displayed for the Term and Course Level chosen.
The arrow icon on in the header of each column can be clicked to change the sort order.
You can also click the Course Title to view additional details about the course.