How to run a Banner report

1. From the Banner Home / Welcome screen, type the name of the report into the “Search" field, press Enter

2. This will take you to the GJAPCTL (Process Submission Controls) screen.

Enter any required parameters on this screen and/or click the Go button.

A new detailed GJAPCTL page should be displayed.

3. Check the Printer Control parameters; "DATABASE" is the default printer.

Click into the "Parameter Values" section and enter the appropriate parameters in the "Values" column. You must enter all required values or you will not be permitted to move on to the next section.

4. Click into the next section (Submission) to Submit the report. Enter the values as appropriate and click 'Save".

If the report submission is successful, you will see something like this at the top, right of the screen. Note the .lis name.

Viewing the report

Go to the Banner Home screen (click the Home icon on the left menu bar).

Enter this screen name in the Search box GJIREVO and Search/Go.

Click the 3 dots (...) next to the Process field, and your output / report name will be displayed in a list box.
Select the .list file to view and click OK.