SGAADVR - Student Advisor Management

From the Banner Application Navigator "AppNav", enter SGAADVR and click the screen name if it is displayed in the drop down as you type, or press "Enter".

SGAADVR is the Banner page to define and maintain student advisor assignments. With SGAADVR, you can:

  • Find a student's advisor assignment.
  • Enter and maintain student advisor assignments based on an effective term, or 'From Term'.

Step 1. Type the person's ID Number in the ID field (R#).

  • If you do not know the ID#, press Tab to move to the next field, and type the last name, a comma, and then first name of the person). You can also click the 3 dots (...) next to the ID field to search by name (Jump to step 1A below).

Enter the Term that you want to begin the advisor assignment(s) for the student (ex. 202180); never enter 999999 here. Press Enter or the 'Go' button on the right of the screen (You may see a confidentiality warning in the upper right corner if the person is an employee - press Enter to acknowledge the warning). 

  • Jump to step 'Adding / Maintaining Student Advisor Assignments' below.

Step 1A. If you selected the 3 dots (...) to search by name, click the 'Person Search' link when prompted. That will display a method to search by person (example below):

Step 1B. Enter the last name, first name, etc. You can use "wildcard characters" to search (ex. Morr%). When ready, click the 'Go' button on the right of the screen.

Step 2. Your search results will be displayed. Double-click the ID of the appropriate student (or select 'Select' in the bottom right), and you will be returned to the initial SGAADVR screen when you will enter the appropriate Term, then click 'Go' in the upper right. Note: Select the row where the ID begins with 'R'. You may see other IDs for the same person due to the Patriot data conversion, but select the row where ID = 'R0xxxxxxx'. 

Once you select the student to work with, enter the Term you wish to add or begin tracking student advisor assignments, and click 'Go'. You will be presented with a screen similar to the example below.

  • You will see the Term you selected to begin the new Advisor assignment on the top row (header) next to the student ID / name.

Adding / Maintaining Student Advisor Assignments

Scenario 1. If the student does not yet have any Advisor assignments, the 'Advisor Information' rows will be blank similar to the example below. In this case, to add new Advisor(s):

  • Mouse click into the ID field.
  • Mouse click the 3 dots next to the field to display a list of values to filter on. In order to reduce search complexity, the recommendation is to leave all fields blank except term, and click the 'Go' button. Click 'Go' again on the person search screen (leave the filter criteria blank), then scroll through the names until the appropriate name is located.
  • Click the record of the desired advisor name that has an ID that begins with 'R', and click the 'Select' button (bottom right).
  • This will associate the advisor selected to the given student. You'll need to choose an advisor type (MAJR is the code for academic advisor). When this code is selected, the primary advisor checkbox should also be checked. The advisor code SSC is the Success Coach code, and should be selected for a Center for Student Success "advisor". To add a new advisor record after the initial record is saved, click the [+]Insert button (upper right in the Advisor Information area/block).
  • Note: The code 'From Term' will default to the Term selected when entering this screen; the Term that is displayed on the top of this screen next to the Student ID / name. The 'To Term' will default to '999999' which means no end (as long as the student is enrolled). This is OK and correct Banner functionality.
  • Click 'Save' on the bottom right of the screen when complete.

Scenario 2. If the student has prior Advisors defined, the names will be displayed in the Advisor Information area similar to the example below. If you want to change advisor assignments:

  • If the Term next to the student ID/name (top/header) matches the From Term in the Advisor Information area, you can use the [+]Insert and [-]Delete buttons (right) to change the advisors assigned to a student. This means that the student did not have any advising assignments from a prior term. Use the 3 dots next to the ID field to search for the appropriate advisor or success coach.

  • If the Term next to the student ID/name (top/header) and From Term do not match, this means that the student had prior Advisor assignments. These advisor assignments began in the 'From Term' (as displayed on the screen in the Advisor Information area). To change advisor assignments to begin with the Term specified next to the student ID/name in the header (the Term you're working with), click the Maintenance button.

  • Mouse clicking the 'Maintenance' button will display the following options:

  • It is strongly encouraged that you choose Copy Advisor and then make the appropriate advising assignment changes.  If you choose End Advisor, you may inadvertently remove all advisors from this student's record.  It is much easier to copy the current record to begin with the new term and then make the advising assignment changes.  When you click Copy Advisor, then 'OK' (if prompted), then 'Save', this will copy the current advisor assignments to the term you are working with (ex. 202180). You can then use the [+]Insert or [-]Delete buttons (right side) to modify the advisor assignments beginning in the desired term. Remember to 'Save' when complete. 
  • You will see that the new record for the desired term has been created.