TSICSRV - Customer Service Inquiry

The Banner screen TSICSRV provides a view of a student's financial account.


From the Banner Application Navigator (AppNav) Main Menu, type TSICSRV, then press Enter.

You will arrive at the screen below, click the 'X' in the upper left to close this view.

When closed, you will see this screen:

You will first be prompted to enter the student's ID (or your can search by name by clicking the 3 dots ...). If you selected the 3 dots (...) to search by name, click the 'Person Search' link when prompted. That will display a method to search by person:

Enter the search criteria (ex. last name, first name, etc.). You can use "wildcard characters" to search (ex. Morr%). When ready, click the 'Go' button on the right of the screen.

Your search results will be displayed. You may see IDs that do not begin with 'R', select the row of the person you want to view that has an ID beginning with 'R'. Double-click the ID of the appropriate student (or select 'Select' in the bottom right), and you will be returned to the initial TSICSRV screen where you then click 'Go' in the upper right.

You will then see the financial account results associated with the given student:

To print this screen, select the 'Tools' option with the gear icon in the upper right of the screen.

Then select the 'Print Screenshot' option. You will be prompted to print via a printer, or save to PDF. Click 'Save' or 'Print' (bottom right) to save or print.

To Start Over, click the 'Start Over' button on the upper right of the TSICSRV screen.