Division of Student Life

Getting involved with student activities offers the opportunity to make lasting memories and forge lifelong friendships. Robert Morris University offers over 130 student clubs and organizations. Each student has a unique experience at RMU, and the wide variety of offerings ensures there is a place for you to get involved.

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Mission Statement

The Division of Student Life is a student-centered organization that engages all university constituencies in developing a strong campus life program to support enhanced student enrollment, student retention, career development, and the academic mission of the university. Focusing on the university's six Core Values, Student Life is responsible for the design, execution and substantiation of models and services that provide a transformative experience for all students. The Division will become known as a learning-oriented leader committed to providing life-enriching opportunities that prepares students to be professionally successful and involved citizens. To carry out its mission, Student Life shall use systemic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance, use resources effectively to achieve institutional goals, and forge educational partnerships that achieve academic excellence.

The Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life integrates the University mission and core values into our practices, and develops and coordinates student services and opportunities that are designed and managed with specific student learning and personal development outcomes in mind.  Departments within the division coordinate programming efforts in teams that include professional development, personal growth, active involvement, and civic responsibility. Departments within the the division strive to meet specific student needs and provide general student direction and guidance, including referrals to resources available both internal and external to the University.