Creating a Course Roster Gmail group - Faculty

Gmail Groups for Course Rosters enable you to create contact groups with student email addresses for the students enrolled in your course(s). This simplifies electronic communication with your students / class. 

The Gmail Contact Group can be imported into the Gmail Contacts.

  1. Navigate to Sentry.
  2. If you have an active course for a given term, navigate to the Course Rosters (Legacy Functionality) link under Teaching (right side).
  3. You will then see your course(s) displayed. Click the Generate Gmail Roster Groups File link on the top right. 
  4. There are instructions on this web page, please review as needed.
  5. Click "Export to CSV" and save file to desired location.
  6. Click Export to CSV button and then click Download on the pop-up window. Depending on the browser you are using and its settings you may be asked to Save or Open the file. Save the file. If you do not know where the file is saved (your download default location) then you should open the file and save it in the location of your choice.
  7. After the Download is complete click Cancel to close the pop-up window.

Importing the File into Gmail Contacts

  1. Login to your RMU Gmail account.
  2. Click "Contacts" in the top navigation bar above the RMU logo.
  3. Click "Import" on the right-hand side of the window, click Browse to select the file that you downloaded in step 6 above and click Open.
  4. Click Import. The Groups will display under "My Contacts".