For over a century, RMU has been launching successful professionals by preparing them to meet the changing needs of our region and our world—by teaching them to think differently, to look forward, and to always be a step ahead. Today, our mission remains the same, and that’s why we’re challenging ourselves once again to reimagine what’s possible.

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Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing fields in information technology, and skilled AWS professionals are among the best paid in the industry.

Cloud Computing

Expanding The Cloud

In a new pilot project supported by the Benedum Foundation, RMU professors Jameela Al-Jaroodi and Natalya Bromall provide one-on-one cloud computing training and support to high school teachers in the region to be certified through Amazon Web Services’ online AWS Academy.

The professors, both accredited AWS Academy instructors, also are helping the teachers to develop summer and after-school learning modules. That way, they can pass on their cloud computing knowledge to their own students.


Demand is rising for classroom experts trained in structured reading methods and other instructional approaches for children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. 

The Peirce Center for Structured Reading Teacher Training at RMU is a partner for schools, teachers, and parents, with certification programs accredited through the International Dyslexia Association.

Dyslexia is a significant challenge for our schools. The Bob and Joan Peirce Center is this university’s response to the challenge.

Peirce Center

These are professional consulting projects that companies pay approximately $20,000 to have done. They are intense with very high expectations.

Global Markets


A strong global business perspective was the biggest reward for a team of three RMU and three Swiss business students who won 1st place for their market research project in the 2020 WTT Young Leader Awards in Switzerland.

Each year RMU partners with the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences to field a joint Swiss-U.S. student marketing team for a prestigious consulting project competition.

A lot of injury happens at the cellular level, and to figure out how the head transmits the damage to the cells is a difficult question. We try to incorporate a lot of that microstructural information into our models.

Head Trauma


An RMU professor who uses computer simulations of the human head to study damage caused by impact is part of a $10 million national research project to reduce traumatic brain injuries.

Rika Carlsen is one of the scientists taking part in the U.S. Office of Naval Research’s PANTHER program. She designs simulations run at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center to analyze how the skull, fluids, and brain tissue respond to both low- and high-intensity shocks.


Back problems made it hard for Dakota to go for walks with his best friend. So a team of engineering students in the RMU School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science worked with faculty and staff to design a wheelchair for the 12-year-old German shepherd and a custom crane for his owner’s vehicle to help him get in and out. That’s because RMU knows that old dogs are sometimes the very best dogs.

When we saw the dog and the lady, we could clearly see the problem that they have and the chance for us to help.


Unlike most universities with similar facilities, RMU keeps its animation and virtual reality labs open and available to faculty and students from any academic program.



Create your own world or change the world around you in the RMU Academic Media Center laboratories for virtual reality, augmented reality, and animation. The VR/AR lab puts students in command of virtual reality environments for immersive storytelling and 360 video, plus augmented reality technology featuring a new Lightform projection mapping wall.


For some healthcare patients, finding a suitable vein for inserting a catheter can be complicated by age, skin color, obesity, or medical condition. So as part of their sophomore biomedical engineering principles class, RMU biomedical engineering students worked with nursing students to design and build for them a functional and inexpensive device.

The vein finder device project was the turning point of my career at RMU.


I commend Robert Morris for identifying the growing number of professional sales positions that are out there and understanding that there’s a need to train the students for them.



To address the rising demand for graduates with professional sales knowledge, RMU now has a Center for Sales Excellence in its School of Business. RMU is the only Pittsburgh-area member of the University Sales Center Alliance, a consortium of more than 50 U.S. universities with dedicated sales centers.


Jaundice is the most common cause of rehospitalization of infants after birth and affects millions of newborns each year. Caused by a build-up of bilirubin in the blood, it will cause brain damage if left untreated. A cross-disciplinary team of RMU nursing and engineering students identified a solution.

Jaundice is the most common cause of rehospitalization of infants after birth and affects millions of newborns each year.


More than 100 million Americans now live with diabetes, and many are afflicted with neuropathy



More than 100 million Americans now live with diabetes, and many are afflicted with neuropathy – a symptom of the disease that causes nerve damage in the body’s extremities.  Although the condition cannot be treated, RMU engineering students found a way to mitigate its symptoms.


The Pittsburgh region faces a looming workforce shortage, including in information technology. So RMU became the first institution in PA to be a member of Amazon Web Services’ AWS Academy, teaching students AWS Academy Cloud Computing Architecture and preparing students for certification in AWS technology.

The AWS Academy speaks to our commitment to help employers eliminate a skills gap in the local workforce.

Skills Gap

At the RISE Center, technology helps nursing students practice how to handle real medical emergencies.



Nursing students must get hands-on, clinical experience before they can earn their license. But how to do so without risking patient safety? Enter the Research and Innovation in Simulation Education Center at RMU,  an internationally recognized leader in the use of simulation to educate and train nurses and other health care professionals. 


Cyber crime is on the rise, increasing the demand for professionals with both technical and investigative expertise. That’s why RMU developed the innovative M.S. in Cyber Investigations and Intelligence, an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty in criminal justice and cyber security. 

RMU has earned the prestigious designation as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

Cyber Crime