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Academic History of Student - courses taken SHACRSE
Academic History of Student by Subject Area SHASUBJ
Academic Standing SHATERM, SGASTDN
Account Balance TSAAREV, TSICSRV
Account Comments SPACMNT
Account Holds SOAHOLD
Address - Change SPAIDEN
Address - Lookup SPAIDEN
Admission Status SGASTDN
Admissions Application SAAADMS
Advisor Assignment Management SGAADVR
Application Decision SAADCRV
Attendance, Class (Roster) SFASLST
Attendance Method STVACCT
Attribute / Cohort Code Maintenance (Student Attribute) SGASADD
Awards, Degrees SHADEGR
Banner System ID - Banner modules a person has data in GUASYST
Bill (Students Financial Status) TSAAREV, TSICSRV
Billed Hours, Credit Hours SFASTCA, SFAREGF
Bookmarks ('My Banner' Personal Menu) GUAPMNU
Building / Room Schedule SSAMATX
Cancelled Classes SSASECT
Class Detail Form (class fees, etc.) SSADETL
Class Details - times, instructor, etc. by CRN SSASECT
Class List (Roster) SFASLST
Class registered for SFAREGF, SFAREGQ
Cohort Code Maintenance SGASADD
Comment Form SPACMNT
Common Matching GOAMTCH
Confidentiality Status SPAPERS
Corequisites SSADETL
Course Detail - schedule detail by CRN SSADETL
Course Equivalencies SHATATR
Coursework Summary SHACRSE
Course Registration Audit SFASTCA
Credit Hours, billed hours SFAREGF
Credit Hours, by term SHATERM
Credit Hours maximum SFAREGS
Cross List meeting time/instructor query SSAXMTI
Dean's List (student) SHAINST
Degree (student) SGASTDN, SHADEGR
Deletion of Registration SFASTCA
Disability Codes GOAMEDI
Drop Deadlines SSAACCL
Dropped from Class? When? SFASTCA
Earned Hours SHATERM
Enrollment - class spaces remaining, waitlist SSASECT
Equivalencies, Course SHATATR
Faculty Schedule, by term SIAASGQ
Fees for Course SSADETL
Financial -- Student's Account TSAAREV, TSICSRV
Financial Hold status SOAHOLD
General info about Student SPAIDENSGASTDN
"R"mu ID Number Student Lookup GUISRCH, SPAIDEN
GPA (grade point average) SHATERM
Grades, of all students in class SFASLST
Grades - Student (mid-term and final) SFARHST
Grades - Student GPA data and related summary SHACRSE, SHATERM
Grades - Student Course Summary SHACRSE
Graduation Status Details SHADEGR
High School info SOAHSCH
Holds on Account SOAHOLD
Instructor of Class - who's teaching the class SSASECT
Instructor's Classes, by term SIAASGN
Instructor Schedule SIAASGQ
Location of Class SSASECT
Location of Student - term schedule with locations SFAREGQ
Major of Student SGASTDN
Meeting Time of Class SSASECTSFAREGQ
Menu (Banner Personal Menu of Forms) GUAPMNU
Notes on Student - for advising, registration SPACMNT
Override - Credit Restrictions SFAREGS
Override - Course Registration Restrictions SFASRPO
Override - Registration Comment SPACMNT
Payments / Student Bill TSAAREV, TSICSRV
Person Comment Form SPACMNT
Personal Menu (of forms in Banner) GUAPMNU
Phone Number SPAIDEN
Phone Number Entry SPAIDEN
Population Selection GLBDATA
Prerequisites, by CRN SSAPREQ
Prerequisites, test scores, by course SCAPREQ
Print Status of Banner Job GWAJOBQ
Prior College Info SOAPCOL
Probation - Academic SHATERMSGASTDN
Query for Student Info SOAIDNS
Registration - what registered for? SFAREGQ, SFAREGF
Registered When? Dropped When? SFASTCA
Registration Restriction Override SFASRPO
Repeating a Course SCACRSE
Residency Status SGASTDN
Restrictions - on who can register for class SSAPREQ
Room Capacity, other details SLARDEF
Room Schedule SSAMATX
Schedule, Catalog Text, by course SCADETL
Schedule of Faculty SIAASGQ
Schedule of Student SFRSCHD
Section Query SWASECQ
Session Codes STVSESS
Statement and Payment History Inquiry TGISTMT
Student Academic History - courses taken SHACRSE
Student Academic History, by subject Area SHASUBJ
Student Lookup - general information SPAIDEN
Student Query SOAIDNS
Student Schedule SFRSCHD
Student Status and Type SGASTDN
Subject Code STUSUBJ
System ID - is the person a student / employee GUASYST
Telephone Numbers - details SPAIDEN, SPATELE
Term Course Maintenance SHAINST
Test Scores SOATEST
Test Score Prerequisites, by course SCAPREQ
Test Score Prerequisites for Specific CRN SSAPREQ
Transcript to View SHACRSE
Transcript Events and Comments SHATCMT
Transfer Credit, Course Equivalents SHATATR
Transfer Credit, Prior College Work SOAPCOL
Wait List Information SSASECT
What Is Student Registered For? SFAREGQ
Where is Student? (emergencies) SFAREGQ