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SCACRSE Course Information by Student
SFAALST Class Attendance Roster
SFAREGF Student Course / Fee Assessment Query
SFAREGQ Registration Query by Student
SFAREGS Course Registration
SFARHST Student Grades Mid-Term and Final
SFASLST Class Roster
SFASRPO Course Registration Override (ex. pre-req)
SFASTCA  Student Course Registration Audit
SFRSCHD Student Schedule
SGAADVR Student Advisor Management
SGASADD Student Attribute / Cohort Information
SGASTDN General Student Information Page
SHACRSE Course Summary
SHAINST  Student Term Course Maintenance
SHASUBJ Student Academic Performance within a subject area
SHATATR Transfer Course Articulation
SHATERM Term Sequence Course History - Academic Standing
SIAASGN Faculty Assignment
SIAASGQ Faculty Schedule Query
SIAINST Faculty / Advisor Designation-Information
SOAHOLD Student Hold Information
SOAHSCH High School Information
SOAPCOL  Prior College Information
SOATEST Student Test Scores
SPACMNT General Student Comments
SPAIDEN  General Person Detailed Information
SPAPERS General Person Overview Information
SSAACC Course (CRN) Schedule by Term
SSADETL Course (CRN) Schedule Detail
SSAMATX Building-Room Schedule
SSAPREQ Course (CRN) Pre-requisite and Test Score Restrictions
SSARRES Course (CRN) Restriction / Level Restrictions
SSASECQ Course Schedule Selection (Query)
SSASECT Course Schedule Detail / Enrollment
SSAXLST Course Schedule Cross List
TGISTMT Statement and Payment History Inquiry
TSAAREV Student Financial Account Detail - Maintenance
TSISCRV Student Financial Account Detail - View only